To help partners to use abilities and potentional of crew to reach their goals. To bring right people to the right place and to help to to build a solid company, where people will be proud to work. To lay the right headstone and permanently improve it.


To be the leader in specialized recruitment services. We help to our crew to reach a proffesional success and our partners to reach success with strongly motivated crew. We are support to our partners during the whole time, they have employees from us.


  • Cooperation – we prefer team-work and try to innovate permanently
  • Respect – we show respect and courtessy to everyone
  • Humanity – we consider all candidates with empathy
  • Responsibility – we are fully responsible and reliable towards our partners, clients and colleagues
  • Quality of services – we try hard to improve our services and our position on the market
  • Reliability – our clients and partners may always rely on our support SERVICES


  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Psychometric testing
  • Personnel consulting
  • Employee´s trainings
  • Marketing and Media
  • Establishement of Companies
  • Business consulting
  • Special music program for passengers on board
  • Degustation of traditional food and wines in Slovakia
  • Special services with orders for river going ships
  • Proposals and Sale of crew uniforms

Contact Us

We are interested in cooperation with all companies whom is employee important part of operation system of the company, where strong position in the philosophy of the company has moral principles. If all this is appealing to you, do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

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