Aktuálna ponuka:
27. 9. 2023
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:

Receptionist / Night Receptionist AM

Aktuálna ponuka:
27. 9. 2023
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:


  • Receptionist: 1400 Euro
  • Night Receptionist 1250 Euro


  • be in time at the front desk
  • ask the colleague you replace if something important happened during the day / night
  • know the schedule of the ship and the daily program
  • find out where the ship will be moored so you can show pax on the city map, know how to reach the city and where the most important SIGHTS/ items are located in town
  • have taxi no. of the city you are docked if pax will order cabs
  • keep all the time the front desk clean and hovered
  • when ship is leaving a port, make sure that you have all ID passes at the front desk (this means that all pax are on board) and check also if all crew members are onboard take hairdresser/ massage/ doctor appointments and inform the hairstylist and doctor about them; when making an appointment inform guests if they are on board or if there is an excursion planed. For this, the best is to have printed the weekly program with all tours and sailing schedule. For massage appointments inform guest where the massage room is located and that 15min before massage appointment the doctor will bring them a white robe and the slippers to their cabin. They can keep the slippers, but have to give back the robe.
  • have an alphabetical and a cabin pax list ready all the time
  • when the hairdresser will have appointments you will watch also the bord shop. When selling items in the shop mark very correctly as in the inventory list the items (name, color and size – if necessary) and do not forget to put all items you sell on the guests cheque, mark the cabin no. and have pax signature; hand in the yellow copy of the cheque.
  • when pax are in the shop pay attention to them not to take items away!
  • present in a nice way and make publicity to the items you sell in the shop!
  • working as a team, together with all crew members, you will help during different loadings (food & beverage, laundry, others) (if you are a woman, only small and not heavy boxes).
  • Once per month, you will count all items belonging to the front desk to make the inventory and the orders.


  • you will be instructed by the Captain when and how to check the ship during the night. If the ship is docked and you have to go on your tour, close the doors and have the mobile reception phone with you, so you can be reachable
  • check all bar bills if they are printed correctly and sort them per cabin
  • have ready the “Wake up List”, so pax can make their appointments
  • make the wake-up calls at the right time
  • play the movies during the evening
  • you are in charge to hoover the bar during the night
  • you are in charge to prepare the morning coffee and tea in the Lounge (the bar staff will fix the setup)

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