Aktuálna ponuka:
27. 9. 2023
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:

Cabin Stewardess AM

Aktuálna ponuka:
27. 9. 2023
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:

Plat: 1100 Euro

Cleaning collective spaces in the morning at 7:00 o’clock, in the afternoon & evening depending on the time the tourists’ meals are established, after the afternoon meal at 16:00.
The Housekeeper will establish the tasks of each Stewardess, as follows:

Stewardess No.1:

  • hoovers the reception (including its interior) to the entrance of the bar / library / the stairway at the reception till down to the Haydn Deck (in front of cabine no. 101), the space in front of the hairdressing salon /fitness room

Stewardess No.2:

  • cleans the public toilets – the toilets will be washed, and the wash-bowls and mirrors cleaned with SANITARY
  • Kleenex towels are supplemented, liquid soap, toilet paper, paper napkins
  • The wall tiles will be cleaned (all of them) with SANITARY
  • The doors will be cleaned inside and outside with NEUTRAL
  • At the end the floor will be cleaned up with SANITARY
  • If necessary, the bronze margins will be polished with METALLGLANZ

Stewardess No.3:

  • cleans the door-windows at the entrance of the ship (Mozart & Strauss Deck, depending on the ship), from the entrance to the bar/restaurant, the glass door on the corridor of Mozart Deck with GLASS
  • Cleans the glass table in the library (depending on the ship) with GLASS
  • Cleans the big window in the CRUISE DIRECTOR’S office (depending on the ship) with GLASS
  • Cleans the mirror between the public toilets (depending on the ship) with GLASS
  • Cleans the dirt from the rail of the sliding entrance/exit doors of the ship (Mozart and Strauss Deck depending on the ship)

Stewardess No.4:

  • cleans the TV-room (tables are cleaned, ashtrays are washed, spaces above the wash-bowl, wash- bowl has to be washed, coffee filter cleaned)
  • Takes the dirty bed-linen of the crew to the laundry (depending on the ship) and brings the clean bed- linen for the crew and sorts it on shelves
  • Takes away the garbage (to the sundeck or kitchen-depending on the ship), which will be first sorted PLASTIC / GLASS / PAPER / DOMESTIC WASTE and the big ashtray will be separated
  • At the end the TV-room and the crew’s corridor will be hovered (it will be previously established together with the Captain and the Hotel Manager which time would be most suitable for this) 2 times a day


  • cleanse the dust at the reception / library / furniture Cruise Director / Foayer / table in front of the hairdressing salon/ safety wooden doors from the Mozart Deck and Strauss Deck / handrails (front and back-depending on the ship) / glass window between decks (front and back-depending on the ship), round window from the restaurant (depending on the ship) / cleanse dust from the lusters / decoration flowers

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