The project was developed as part of the activities at CONCORDIA Agency to support and integrate sick children among healthy children. The aim of the organization is to support children with disabilities, down syndrome, talented children with autism, all children and families who need help on their way to developing their talents and enjoyment of life.


We organize various activities during the school year, holidays such as charity concerts, educational concerts, baking, workshops, exhibitions, …

Other Activity:

  • Securing school supplies
  • To cover the costs of mentors or to arrange visits to leisure centers or art schools
  • Supporting children through a scholarship program
  • Volunteer activities in hospitals and concerts

Support Options:

  • One-time gift online
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Remote support of children in long-term cooperation
  • Active participation and assistance in activities
  • 2 % taxes
  • Cryptocurrencies

THANK YOU for any help and support! 


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