Aktuálna ponuka:
19. 5. 2024
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:

Restaurant Waiter AM

Aktuálna ponuka:
19. 5. 2024
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:


  • Waiter: 1200 Euro
  • Waiter with German: 1350 Euro


  • To provide guests with a service that exceeds their expectations, at all times, in the dining areas.
  • To maximize beverage sales and service.


  1. To ensure that assigned station is set up to company standards and to Maitre D’/ Hotel Manager requirements and instructions for all meals.
  2. To ensure that assigned station and all the dining areas on the ship comply with the cleaning standards.
  3. To ensure all the guests are greeted and seated as they enter the restaurant.
  4. To fully understand all menus and types of wine as to confidently explain and recommend selections to the guests.
  5. To attend and carefully understand all the daily meetings for menu explanation.
  6. To ensure that all the guests are served every meal in a courteous and understanding manner.
  7. To ensure that guests’ tables are correctly cleared after each course.
  8. To ensure that guests’ tables are placed with clean and properly ironed linen at all time.
  9. To ensure arrival at work in a timely basis in clean, pressed and correct uniform of the day.
  10. To arrive at work with all accessories needed for proper execution of the job.
  11. To take care of and properly store all equipment and uniform accessories assigned to them.
  12. To handle all equipment in the dining areas and during transportation to the kitchen in such a manner that breakage is minimized.
  13. To ensure a correct and accurately taken meal order from the passengers, in order to place a correct “Meal count” to the kitchen.
  14. To liaise with the Maitre D’ regarding demanding guests or special meal requests.
  15. To recommend, sell, serve and refill wines to guests as per established procedures.
  16. To offer cold and hot beverages promptly throughout the meal service and replenish when necessary.
  17. To serve and replenish bread, sauces and additional items, if required throughout the meal service.
  18. To participate enthusiastically in the Crew Show, Embarkation and Disembarkation procedures.
  19. To participate enthusiastically in the Farewell dinner crew presentation.
  20. To follow proper garbage separation procedures.
  21. To be knowledgeable about ship’s schedules and activities, so that correct information can be given to the passengers.
  22. To attend all meetings as scheduled by management.
  23. To attend all safety drills as scheduled by ships command.
  24. To perform duties which may be necessary (Frühschoppen, Ice Cream Parties, special events), as directed by the management.
  25. To provide help (if needed) to the bar (in case of a special event or very busy time),as per requirement of the Maitre D ’or the Hotel Manager.
  26. To assist carefully the management for the monthly material inventories.
  27. To ensure that nobody from the crew members is served drinks in any matter without being charged.
  28. To ensure that nobody of the crew members (excluding the management, depends on the occasion) is seated or served in the bar/restaurant areas.
  29. To strictly follow the instructions of the Maitre D’ regarding the side job duties.

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