Aktuálna ponuka:
19. 5. 2024
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:

Hotel Manager AM

Aktuálna ponuka:
19. 5. 2024
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:

Plat: 3200 Euro


To take particular care for the smooth and profitable running of all of hotel’s, alongside high standards of service towards exceeding guests needs and expectations in accordance with Company’s Operational and Quality Standards. the Employers Policy, Quality Assurance, HACCP and Environmental Rules Regulations and existing relevant to the operation legislation.


  1. To Oversee the smooth running of all of the Hotel’s departments on a day to day basis to achieve high levels of Guest Satisfaction.
  2. Coordinate and supervise the departments to ensure maximum efficiency is maintained with regards to information and activities within the hotel.
  3. Monitor arrivals ensuring all requests are carried out wherever possible and all realistic expectations are met.
  4. Ensure the management systems in place are running as per company standard and find ways in constantly improving the systems.
  5. Ensure all issues pertaining to guest satisfaction are met and that all follow up systems are completed on a timely basis, be proactive not reactive towards guests expectations.
  6. Co-ordinate and supervise group activities and specials request.
  7. Continue to update standards and procedure manuals, department training schedules, job descriptions and selection criteria.
  8. Maintain a system of regular staff training and reporting.
  9. Maintain a system of absentee tracking and take action to reduce.
  10. Undertake relevant administration duties associated with duty rosters, ordering/purchasing, stock taking, invoices and personnel.
  11. Maintain regular quality control inspections of department standards as per the management systems in place.
  12. Monitor the departmental expenses and actual figures with justifications and action plans for the future.
  13. Develop and maintain a motivational working environment with the departments and positive interdepartmental relations.
  14. Ensure health and safety codes are implemented and oversee the personal hygiene and grooming standards of department employees.
  15. Provide employee counseling, support and guidance as required.
  16. To ensure that daily working schedules of personnel are timely prepared and followed with records maintained at all times
  17. In the event of staff shortages within your department you are expected to execute duties outside your daily routine in order to support the moral standing of the staff and the department.
  18. Conduct daily inspection of staff according to the S.O.P manual to ensure the good name of our image.
  19. Maintain discipline with the ranks in order to minimize the fluctuations of standards.
  20. Morale boosting to enhance good service and team work.
  21. Responsible for suggested planning and implementing all training activities in conjunction with the Operations & Human Resources Director and in accordance with the department’s training plan.
  22. To ensure that up to date records of training are maintained at all times.
  23. To Prepare and submit financial reports relevant to the operation of the hotel ( example account of cruise closing)
  24. To maintain and safeguard the cash float allotted to the ship.
  25. Responsible for organizing regular departmental meetings according to schedule.
  26. Responsible for the accurate execution and implementation of the strategic plans.
  27. To control stocks of materials for daily use in all departments, perishables and non perishable.
  28. Responsible for maintaining the good condition of the hotels furnishings and equipment.
  29. Responsible for keeping effective teams loyal and strong.
  30. Promoting and maintaining good public relations and attending to enquiries, requests and complaints. To deal with minor complaints regarding food and service. Major complaint must be dealt with by the Hotels Manager.
  31. To pass on your knowledge and experience to your departmental team mates ensuring there consistent development.
  32. To understand the psychological needs and wants of the staff and meet them as best possible to further the quality of our services.
  33. To treat, speak and handle your team members, both below and above you in the organizational chart, with respect, cooperation and with the utmost correct manner. 34) To perform any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by your employer.
  34. Manage manpower allocation so as to optimize productivity whilst ensuring guest service is not compromised.
  35. Be creative in developing new services and products of the highest standards to ensure guests have new and interesting experiences.
  36. To ensure that the hotels quality systems and procedures are always followed and adhered by all employees.
  37. To carry out any other relevant to the position duites as assigned or requested by the Company.

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