Aktuálna ponuka:
17. 4. 2024
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:

Baker AM

Aktuálna ponuka:
17. 4. 2024
Miesto / Place:
4* riečna výletná loď
Začiatok / Start date:


  • Responsible for preparing bread, rolls, muffins, and biscuits according to recipe (passengers and crew)
  • Responsible of assigned station cleanliness regarding kitchen cleaning schedule
  • Responsible of assigned refrigerator temperature documentation (daily)
  • Adherence of hygiene (HACCP), safety and environmental regulations in the galley
  • Proper garbage separation regarding company and ships regulations
  • Continuous maintenance and improvement of the quality standards
  • Careful handling of all equipment and machinery in the galley
  • Careful handling and measuring of all cleaning chemicals
  • Attendance during produce loading
  • Participant for scheduled crew shows
  • Show demonstration – bakery


  • working in a team, together with all crew members, you will help for the different loadings (food & beverage, laundry, others).
  • crew members are not allowed to enter the restaurant (especially when guests are in the restaurant)! Hotel Manager will instruct you who from the staff is allowed to dine in the restaurant (Captain, Hotel Manager and Cruise Director)
  • be informed that using ship computers, email stations and phones for private purposes is strictly forbidden.
  • on the ship you are directly subordinated to the Hotel Manager and to the Captain. The other crew members are all your colleagues and you work all as a team.

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Professional baker - diploma
  • Experience as baker in restaurants, hotels or cruise vessels
  • Supplementary courses / training
  • Good knowledge of English language

Company requirements:

  • Ability to work under stress, reliability and creativity
  • Cost and quality awareness
  • Self-assured and calm manner towards staff, officers and passengers
  • Quality of team worker, capable of motivation

General requirements:

  • Well-groomed and clean appearance
  • No visibly tatoos
  • No body jewellery (as per hygiene regulation)
  • No piercing or similar body jewellery
  • Hygienic hair cut - no open hair

Area of responsibility / authority

The Baker is a competent confectioner specialist and disciplined team worker. He gives support to all galley staff.

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