Aktuálna ponuka:
19. 5. 2024
Miesto / Place:
Začiatok / Start date:

Wellness & Fitness Trainer

Aktuálna ponuka:
19. 5. 2024
Miesto / Place:
Začiatok / Start date:

Pozícia Wellness & Fitness Trénera si vyžaduje veľmi dobrú znalosť nemeckého jazyka a komunikatívnu znalosť angličtiny

  • zmluva je na 4-6 mesiacov
  • plat 1.300,- € + provízie
  • ubytovanie a strava zabezpečené na lodi zdarma
  • STCW bezpečnostné kurzy absolvujete na lodi

  • min. vek 21 rokov
  • špecializované vzdelanie v oblasti športu a zdravia
  • dodatočné vzdelanie v základných fitness technikách ako Pilates, Indoor Cycling, Polar Guidance, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga a ďalšie sú vyžadované
  • certifikát o praktickom ovládaní sauny
  • predošlá prax na pozícii
  • počítačové zručnosti
  • dobré organizačné a predajné zručnosti
  • zodpovednosť, flexibilita, ochota vzdelávať sa
  • orientácia na zákazníka a komunikačné schopnosti
  • pozitívny prístup
  • priateľské vystupovanie, príjemný vzhľad
  • tímový duch


  • Performing tasks in the Sport & Gesundheit area, and all related areas such as the fitness studio and sauna area, professionally, effectively and independently, in a confident manner, so that the guest feels relaxed and welcome.
  • Booking, changing and cancelling Sport & Gesundheit appointments in person (or by telephone).
  • Taking part in active cross-selling; making the guest aware of recommended offers in all areas of the SPA & Sport department (SPA & Meer, Sport & Gesundheit, nutrition, Bike, etc.).
  • Receiving guests when they arrive for their appointment and greeting them by name.
  • Ensuring systematic customer care (remembering guests\' names/previous visits, anticipating requirements, surprising guests) - basically always going the “plus one”.
  • Giving competent sales advice and informed sales pitches.
  • Dealing with criticism from guests in an appropriate and confident manner.
  • Using all resources responsibly and bearing in mind the goal of commercial success at all times.
  • Supporting the FachleiterIn Sport & Gesundheit.
  • Carrying out and/or assisting with stocktaking exercises.
  • Checking the Sport & Gesundheit area is clean.
  • Assisting with the organization of Sport & Gesundheit events.
  • Carrying out professional health checks, e. g. Polar fitness checks and cardioscan, under the supervision of the ship\'s doctor when necessary.
  • Planning and organizing a variety of workshops.
  • Professionally executing all sports-related activities (personal training, fitness courses, sauna infusions, etc.).
  • Implementing quality assurance in all areas of the Sport & Gesundheit department, such as cleanliness, hygiene, equipment and safety.
  • Ensuring cooperation and coordination with other ship departments.
  • Ensuring proper care and maintenance of equipment such as cardio and weight machines, as well as hand-held equipment in the fitness studio (the employee will be liable for any loss resulting from negligence).
  • Daily cleaning of the Sport & Gesundheit area.
  • Assisting with check-in on embarkation day.
  • Carrying out sea rescue drills with guests.
  • Monitoring the strict adherence to safety, environmental and hygiene guidelines (PH/ShipSan, HACCP, ISM/ & ISO, SQM, TUIC service standards) in his/her area of responsibility; regularly attending documented training courses run by department heads.
  • Reporting and dealing with relevant incidents, such as safety issues and breaches, damage, repairs, etc.).
  • Knowing the muster list number and what to do in the event of an emergency.

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